One thing that we regularly experience in Trevone is a great sunset, and we are certainly not complaining about that as it is nature’s most spectacular lightshow and provides the perfect end to a beautiful day.

Cornwall has always been a haven for artists attracted by the quality of light and it is this quality which enhances and makes our sunsets so spectacular in the south west.

A lot of the intense colour is actually down to how the sand and the sea interact and in particular bright sunlight hitting the seabed with the reflected light being bounced back and filtered by the water giving crisp and clear hues of colour.

Air quality and the lack of pollution also provides an optimum canvas for the sun to display its vibrant colours as it disappears at the end of the day.

The benches at Rocky Beach in Trevone provide a fantastic viewpoint to watch as the sun sets with Trevose Head to the far left and the Madrips to the right giving a beautiful panorama across the bay.

And of course the joy of staying at The Croft in Trevone means that you have not far to go when the sun does set being less than 200 yards from the beach.

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