The sun sets on another glorious day at Trevone Bay
The sun sets on another glorious day at Trevone Bay

It is never too early to begin planning your next visit or stay in Trevone especially if you are looking to secure a preferred date.

Every year it seems to get earlier and earlier but with guests reserving their spaces as they leave in 2018 to ensure their preferred dates, it does mean that we have limited availability at certain times and we do hate to disappoint so if you are thinking of visiting Trevone in 2019 (and who could blame you!) then do get in touch to check that we can accommodate.

We only require a small deposit to confirm your booking but it does ensure that you reserve the dates that you want and aren’t forced to compromise.

We do hope that we will experience the glorious weather that we have had in 2018 which was not only sunnier but lasted so much longer into the year. Those that came after the summer rush will have enjoyed not only fantastic weather but a much quieter beach and village to enjoy to themselves.

We look forward to welcoming you to Trevone in 2019 – whatever time of year you decide to visit!!